Language of Movement (Short Course)

Last April 26, 2012, we launched a new program called “Language of Movement”.  It is a 10-session short course that aims to enhance social communication skills in children through opening their awareness and understanding of the “hidden messages” of posture, gesture, bodily distance (proxemics) and facial expressions.

Program Highlights
The program…

…is open to children ages 7 to 12 years of age.

…heightens children’s awareness of different postures and positions of the body in oneself and in others.

…enhances the children’s skills in “reading”  and understanding the meanings of posture, body language and distance as social cues.

…provides children with group activities that allow them to learn how to use body language that is synchronous with verbal language.

The program covers units that tackle…

…Personal Space and Proxemics

…Posture and Communication

…Communicating with the Upper and Lower Body Regions

…Communicating with the Head and Face

The Pilot Class of the program is now being held at the Las Pinas area by Teacher Jean and Teacher Wowie every Monday and Thursday morning.  The Pilot Class will end on May 28, 2012.  Future runs of the short course will be scheduled based on the mutual availability of participants and facilitators.  Venues may likewise be arranged depending on the number of participants per group formed in a specified area.  You may post inquiries through our website: or through e-mailing us at

Have a fun-filled week!  😀


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